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? Project

IAmHere is an application that aims to manage the participants of an event. The application’s main functionality is to add and/or remove the participant from the list. Access the layout in Figma.


?️ Technologies

This project was developed with the following technologies:

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • TypeScript

⚙️ How To Run

Follow the steps below to run this project

  • Clone o repository with git clone;
  • Go to directory backend with cd iamhere
  • Install all dependencies with yarn
  • Start the app with yarn start

? How to contribute

  • Make a fork
  • Create a branch with your feature: git checkout -b my-feature
  • Commit changes: git commit -m 'feat: My new feature';
  • Make a push to your branch: git push origin my-feature
  • Finally create a new pull request

? License

This project is under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for details.

?‍? Made by

Luciano WeslenSoftware Developer

? Do not forget

Enjoy every moment, they are unique and go by fast!


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