Flipping Cards

Flipping Cards is an iOS/Android app that allows you to learn German words faster by creating flashcards with your own selection of words.

Just add words to your wallet and then you can train your knowledge by generating a card deck. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection, since the words are stored in the internal dictionary. Adding a new word to your wallet takes just a few seconds and you will be in full control of what to learn.



Flipping Cards is currently only available with German words. Additional languages will be added with future releases.

Main Features:

  • All the functionality is available even offline, thanks to the locally stored dictionary
  • Super simple UI: add a word in less than 5 seconds!
  • Create a deck with a configurable size and with selected "freshness" of the words (e.g. only words added in the last week)
  • Test your knowledge of the words by swiping and flipping your cards

Current State:

The app is currently in beta testing on both platforms (iOS & Android) with a selected group of testers. If you want to join the testing phase, just fill this form.