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React Native iOS

This is a fun project. I have always been impressed with iOS’s UI gestures & animations. Previously I developed React Native Hold Menu which I inspired by the iOS messages, applications hold to open menus. This time, I tried to do the whole iOS itself for fun, and the result is awesome!


Want to try?

If you want to try this on your device, you can install and run the app in a few seconds with the following commands;

Install the packages:

yarn install

Start the server

yarn start

You will see a QR code on the terminal, you can scan this QR code with the device which you are on the same network. Or you can start the simulator by pressing i, on the terminal.

Currently app is not working the same with iOS on Android due to some issues with blur view animations and horizontal gesture animations. I may fix it later.

That’s it, enjoy ??


The source code is made available under the MIT license.

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