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? How to use this App?

  1. Make sure Git and NodeJS are installed.
  2. Clone this repository to your local computer.
  3. Type and Run npm install or yarn install to install required packages.
  4. Install Expo Cli using npm i -g expo-cli or yarn global add expo-cli to deploy your app on Expo.
  5. Create .env file in root directory.
  6. Contents of .env:
  1. Now, to setup API, go to Rapid API Website and create an account.
  2. Enable this API to fetch job data: API: JSearch by OpenWeb Ninja.

Copy API Key

  1. Once project has been set up, you can start this app using npm start or yarn start.
  2. Now app is fully configured and you can start using this app ?.

? More Info related How to start Expo App

? Screenshots:

Job Categories Search various jobs

Supports Pagination View more about jobs

Job Qualifications Job Responsibilities

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? Contribute

You might encounter some bugs while using this app. You are more than welcome to contribute. Just submit changes via pull request and I will review them before merging. Make sure you follow community guidelines.

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? Expo Router Example

Use expo-router to build native navigation using files in the app/ directory.

? How to use

npx create-react-native-app -t with-router

? Notes


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