React Native Rich Text Editor

A fully functional Rich Text Editor for both Android and iOS (macOS and windows)?

yarn add react-native-pell-rich-editor
npm i react-native-pell-rich-editor

Also, follow instructions here to add the native react-native-webview dependency.


The editor component. Simply place this component in your view hierarchy to receive a fully functional Rich text Editor.

RichEditor takes the following optional props:

  • placeholder

    Wrap the editor content placeholder

  • initialContentHTML

    HTML that will be rendered in the content section on load.

  • initialFocus

  • Boolean value to Initial content request focus. The default value is false.

  • disabled

  • Boolean value to disable editor. The default value is false.

  • editorInitializedCallback

    A function that will be called when the editor has been initialized.

  • editorStyle

    Styling for container or for Rich Editor more dark or light settings. Object containing the following options:

    • backgroundColor: Editor background color
    • color: Editor text color
    • placeholderColor: Editor placeholder text color
    • contentCSSText: editor content css text(initial valid)
    • cssText: editor global css text(initial valid)
  • onChange
    Callback after editor data modification

  • onHeightChange
    Callback after height change

  • useContainer

    A boolean value that determines if a View container is wrapped around the WebView. The default value is true. If you are using your own View to wrap this library around, set this value to false.

  • pasteAsPlainText

    A boolean value (false as default) that determines if the clipboard paste will keep its format or it will be done as plain text

  • onPaste
    Callback clipboard paste value

  • onKeyUp
    Callback Keyup event

  • onKeyDown
    Callback Keydown event

RichEditor also has methods that can be used on its ref to set:

  • setContentHTML(html: string)
  • insertImage(url: string)
  • insertLink(title: string, url: string)
  • insertText(text: string)
  • insertHTML(html: string)
  • insertVideo(url: string)
  • setContentFocusHandler(handler: Function)
  • blurContentEditor()
  • focusContentEditor()

This method registers a function that will get called whenver the cursor position changes or a change is made to the styling of the editor at the cursor's position., The callback will be called with an array of actions that are active at the cusor position, allowing a toolbar to respond to changes.

  • registerToolbar(listener: Function)

Example Usage:

  ref={(r) => this.richtext = r}
  initialContentHTML={'Hello <b>World</b> <p>this is a new paragraph</p> <p>this is another new paragraph</p>'}
  editorInitializedCallback={() => this.onEditorInitialized()}



This is a Component that provides a toolbar for easily controlling an editor. It is designed to be used together with a RichEditor component.

The RichToolbar has one required property:

  • getEditor()

Which must provide a function that returns a ref to a RichEditor component.

This is because the ref is not created until after the first render, before which the toolbar is rendered. This means that any ref passed directly will inevitably be passed as undefined.

Other props supported by the RichToolbar component are:

  • actions

    An array of actions to be provided by this toolbar. The default actions are:

    • actions.insertImage
    • actions.setBold
    • actions.setItalic
    • actions.insertBulletsList
    • actions.insertOrderedList
    • actions.insertLink
  • onPressAddImage
    Functions called when the addImage actions are tapped.

  • onInsertLink
    Logic for what happens when you press on the add insert link button

  • disabled

  • Boolean value to disable editor. The default value is false.

  • iconTint

  • unselectedButtonStyle

  • selectedIconTint

  • selectedButtonStyle

  • disabledIconTint

  • disabledButtonStyle

    These provide options for styling action buttons.

  • iconSize

    Defines the size of the icon in pixels. Default is 50.

  • renderAction

    Altenatively, you can provide a render function that will be used instead of the default, so you can fully control the tollbar design.

  • iconMap

    RichTextToolbar comes with default icons for the default actions it renders. To override those, or to add icons for non-default actions, provide them in a dictionary to this prop.

Example Usage:

<RichToolbar getEditor={() => this.richtext}/>

With Custom Action:

To define your own custom action:

  • Send your action name as string in the actions array.
  • Include an icon for it with the iconMap
  • Add a function prop with the same action name to be called on tap
	getEditor={() => this.richtext}
		customAction: customIcon,