Listen to status bar changes during incoming calls and other multi-tasking events.

Test in a simulator with (⌘ Y) to toggle the status bar height.

Snack: https://snack.expo.io/@bacon/status-bar-height-example


yarn add @expo/status-bar-height


Import the library into your JavaScript file:

import StatusBarHeight from '@expo/status-bar-height';


StatusBarHeight.addEventListener( (height: number) => {} )

Given a callback this will be invoked whenever the status bar height changes. The status bar height changes when another app is running a background activity.

  • Phone Calls
  • Navigating
  • Facetime

StatusBarHeight.removeEventListener( (height: number) => {} )

The provided function will stop receiving updates

StatusBarHeight.getAsync(): Promise<number>

Get the current height of the status bar async.

const height = await StatusBarHeight.getAsync();