react native web-rtc firebase

Minimal react native web-etc example with Firebase


This blog might help to understand the code : dipanshkhandelwal-medium-react-native-webrtc-firebase


Demo GIf

Steps to setup the project

  1. Clone the reposiotry git clone

  2. Create a new firebase project

  3. Add new apps in the firebase console

  4. Add firebase config to the apps.

    • For Android:

      • Download the google-services.json and add it to this path android/app/
    • For ios:

      • Download the GoogleService-Info.plist and add it to your ios project using xcode
  5. In the firebase console remember to create a new Firestore database and keep it’s rules to test mode.

  6. Go to the project folder, and run the following command.

    • yarn install
  7. Build the app:

    • For Android

      • yarn run android
    • For ios

      • yarn run cocoapods
      • yarn run ios

Steps to run

Take a look at the demo for understanding the steps better.

  • Enter Room Id.

  • Caller

    • Call Screen
    • Start Call
  • Callee

    • Join Screen
    • Join Call
  • Stop Call


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