Mobile version of kodilan.com built with React Native


Set up

Clone and setup the repository:

git clone https://github.com/tinas/kodmob.git
cd kodmob
yarn install

If you’re on a Mac and developing for iOS, you need to install the pods (via Cocoapods) to complete the linking.

yarn pod


Step 1: Start Metro

First, you will need to start Metro, the JavaScript bundler that ships with React Native. Metro “takes in an entry file and various options, and returns a single JavaScript file that includes all your code and its dependencies.” —Metro Docs

To start Metro, run npx react-native start inside your React Native project folder:

yarn start

Step 2: Start your application

Let Metro Bundler run in its own terminal. Open a new terminal inside your React Native project folder. Run the following:

yarn ios

if you are developing on android:

yarn android

For detailed setup, visit React Native guides.


MIT © Ahmet Tınastepe

See LICENSE for details.