React Native modal image view with pinch zoom and carousel.

Warning: Breaking changes since v2.0.0:

  • instead of prop source => images
  • no title prop for footer, please use renderFooter instead


npm install --save react-native-image-view



import ImageView from 'react-native-image-view';

const images = [
        source: {
            uri: '',
        title: 'Paris',
        width: 806,
        height: 720,

    renderFooter={(currentImage) => (<View><Text>My footer</Text></View>)}

See example for better understanding


Prop name Description Type Default value Platform
animationType Type of animation modal presented with "none", "fade", "slide" "none"
backgroundColor Background color of the modal in HEX (#0099CC) string null
glideAlways Emulates ScrollView glide animation if built-in was not triggered boolean false Android
glideAlwaysDelay Defines delay in milliseconds for glideAlways number 75 Android
images Array of images to display, see below image item description array []
imageIndex Current index of image to display number 0
isVisible Is modal shown or not boolean false
onClose Function called on modal closed function none
renderFooter Function returns a footer element function none

Image item:

  source: any, // Image Component source object
  width: ?number, // Width of full screen image (optional but recommended)
  height: ?number, // Height of full screen image (optional but recommended)
  // any other props you need to render your footer

It's recommended to specify width and height to speed up rendering, overwise component needs to fetch images sizes and cache them in images objects passed as props.

Next feature: Momentum scroll in zoom mode