NMF.earth app

Repository for the NMF.earth React Native application, built with Expo, Redux Toolkit and Typescript. Design can be found on Figma.

? Getting started

Installing Dependencies:

$ yarn

Running the app:

$ yarn start

For starting the app on a specific OS:

$ yarn ios | yarn android

Copy the 2 files that contain secrets and replace them with yours

$ cp app.example.json app.json
$ cp secret.example.ts secret.ts

??‍? Development

  • Eslint is used in the project to enforce code style and should be configured in your editor.

  • Prettier is also used and apply automatically by eslint

  • Typescript is used in the project for type-checking and should be configured in your editor.

You can check this manually by running:

$ yarn lint


$ yarn typescript

You can ask eslint to fix issues by running:

$ yarn lint:fix

? Testing

Use the following command to run unit tests with coverage:

$ yarn test

Use the following to update unit tests

$ yarn test -u

Use the following to run unit tests in watch mode while developing:

$ yarn test --watch

? Storybook

Stories (*.story.tsx) can be automatically added to storyLoader.js with :

$ yarn prestorybook

? Sustainable guide

To place new .md files inside guides folder or modify existing guide and then run node scripts/generate-guides.js to generate a new sustainable guide. Images can be used in the .md as follow: ![Earth](earth.png) and should be place in assets/images/guide.

For methodology screen, just run node scripts/generate-methodology.js to update methodology.json from methodology.md.

For emission info screen, just run node scripts/generate-emission-info.js to update emission-info.json from assets/emission-info/markdown/*.md.

? Translations

You can help us with translate the app with our online tool POEditor.

So far the app supports English, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Portugal, Polish.


Run node scripts/generate-translation-files.js in order to create the files needed for the new language you want to add to the app.

Manage Files

Run node scripts/poeditor/group-translation-files.js to generate 1 JSON file per language, with all the translation vars in it. From there, you can easily make any edit you want. When you're done, you can run node scripts/poeditor/spread-translation-files.js to merge your edits and spread them into all the translation files across the repo.

? Deployment

Any tag starting with v will runs expo publish. During this step app.example.json is used to generate an app.json file for expo's deployment, this is done with the following script scripts/generate-app-json.js.