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Delightful and fully customizable onboarding swiper for React Native.

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See Live Demo on Expo Snack


  • ? Fully customizable components and config
  • ? Load images and content from your backend
  • ? Works with Expo
  • ? Very lightweight (~35 kB)
  • ✨ Beautiful default UI


Install the package with either npm or yarn:

npm install react-native-onboard


yarn add react-native-onboard

Quick start

Place the OnboardFlow component anywhere in your app. It will automatically take up the entire screen.

Set fullscreenModal to false if you want to use it as a component.

import { OnboardFlow } from 'react-native-onboard';

<OnboardFlow fullscreenModal={true} pages={[
    title: 'Welcome to my app',
    subtitle: 'Cool description of my app',
    imageUri: '',
    title: 'Page 2 header',
    subtitle: 'Welcome to page 2',
    imageComponent: <MyCustomComponent/>
  }]} />


react-native-onboard is designed to be headless and customizable. You can use the default UI or create your own by implementing a series of provided interfaces.

Get in touch

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to open an issue, submit a PR, or contact us.


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