Magento React Native is a fully functional eCommerce App for your Magento 2 website. It uses Magento 2 REST API, to dispaly catalog, products, add products to cart, place an order and much more.

? Annoncement

This project is over 3 years old and I'm currently working on the new version of it. It will use Magento 2 GraphQL API and a more modern tech stack. The key feature of the new project is that I'm covering the development process with video tutorials on YouTube.

? Setup

Follow the Documentation for detailed step by step instructions on how to setup project locally and run the project. Or watch Video Tutorial.

? Theme editing

Modify the design of the App to reflect your brand style - instructions

? Demo


? Roadmap

You can check the GitHub Project or Issues to get an overview of new features, fixes or releases planed.

?️ Alternative projects

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