React Native Awesome Gallery

Photos gallery powered by Reanimated v2 and react-native-gesture-handler


Supported features

  • Zoom to scale
  • Double tap to scale
  • Native iOS feeling (rubber effect, decay animation on pan gesture)
  • Fully customizable
  • Both orientations (portrait + landscape)
  • Infinite list
  • Supports both iOS and Android.


First you have to follow installation instructions of Reanimated v2 and react-native-gesture-handler

yarn add react-native-awesome-gallery

Expo is supported since SDK 40. More information here


Check out an example folder for example with Shared transition + FastImage

import Gallery from 'react-native-awesome-gallery';

// ...

const images = ['https://image1', 'https://image2'];

return (
    onIndexChange={(newIndex) => {


Prop Description Type Default
data Array of items to render T[] undefined
renderItem? Callback func which can be used to render custom image component, e.g FastImage. NOTE: You have to call setImageDimensions({width, height}) parameter after image is loaded (renderItemInfo: {item: T, index: number, setImageDimensions: Function}) => React.ReactElement undefined
keyExtractor? Callback func which provides unique keys for items (item: T, index: number) => string or number Takes id or key or _id from Item, otherwise puts Item as key
initialIndex? The initial image index number 0
onIndexChange? Is called when index of active item is changed (newIndex: number) => void undefined
numToRender? Amount of items rendered in gallery simultaneously number 5
emptySpaceWidth? Width of empty space between items number 30
doubleTapScale? Image scale when double tap is fired number 3
doubleTapInterval? Time in milliseconds between single and double tap events number 500
maxScale? Maximum scale user can set with gesture number 6
pinchEnabled? Is pinch gesture enabled boolean true
disableTransitionOnScaledImage? Disables transition to next/previous image when scale > 1 boolean false
hideAdjacentImagesOnScaledImage? Hides next and previous images when scale > 1 boolean false
disableVerticalSwipe? Disables vertical swipe when scale == 1 boolean false
disableSwipeUp? Disables swipe up when scale == 1 boolean false
loop? Allows user to swipe infinitely. Works when data.length > 1 boolean false
onScaleChange? Is called when scale is changed (scale: number) => void undefined
onScaleChangeRange? Shows range of scale in which onScaleChange is called {start: number, end: number} undefined
containerDimensions? Dimensions object for the View that wraps gallery. {width: number, height: number} value returned from useWindowDimensions() hook.
style? Style of container ViewStyle undefined


Prop Description Type
onSwipeToClose Fired when user swiped to top/bottom Function
onTap Fired when user tap on image Function
onDoubleTap Fired when user double tap on image Function
onScaleStart Fired when pinch gesture starts Function
onPanStart Fired when pan gesture starts Function


import Gallery, { GalleryRef } from 'react-native-awesome-gallery';

// ...

const ref = useRef<GalleryRef>(null);
Prop Description Type
setIndex Sets active index (newIndex: number) => void
reset Resets scale, translation (animated?: boolean) => void


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.