Getting Started with Expo React Native

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✨ Demo.

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? About the project.

? Descriptions.

Project migration from React to React Native

Pokedex React:

Pokedex React Web deployed in:

? Specifications.

  • Use Expo for React Native
  • Use PokeAPI.
  • React Context were used.
  • React Hooks were used
  • Animated from react-native were used
  • A search bar was created

⭐ Languages.

Javascript Android IOS

? Frameworks.

React React

? Databases and cloud hosting.

?️ Software and Tools.

Git GitHub

VisualStudioCode AndroidStudio

? Getting Started.

? Prerequisites and dependencies.

  • react-native
  • android studio
  • android/ios emulator

? Installation.

npm install

⚡ Executing.

npx expo start

☕ Collaborators.

? License.

? Contact.

Website LinkedIn Twitter URL Github

? Acknowledgments.


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