This is an react native alerting application that holds the contact iformation entered by the users. This contact list will help the user to inform these contacts in case of an emergency.

It consists of 4 Screen:

  1. Splash Screen This will be the first screen that will appear whenever a new user opens the aaplication
  2. Sign In screen This screen will hepl the user to sign in the application
  3. Home Page This screen is the main screen of our application that consists of some texts about the application, a button that will lead users to the Contacts screen and a sign out button
  4. Contact List Screen This is thescreen where all the work of this application takes place, a user can enter contact details here which will added in the form of a list, it also includes two button, a message button that will redirect a user to the message screen of that particular contact. The second button is the delete button that will delete that particular contact from the list.



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