React Native Cryptos

  • React-Native app to display cryptocurrency API data
  • Note: to open web links in a new window use: ctrl+click on link

General info

  • Cryptocurrency data from the coingecko API and does not require an API key
  • React useEffect hook used for data fetching
  • React useState hook used to initialise & update coins, refeshing and search states





  • Expo v42 framework & platform for universal React applications, installed globally
  • React v16 JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • Android Studio v4 installed globally, used to simulate Android device


  • Run npm i to install dependencies
  • Run npm start to start expo on a localhost port
  • See package.json for the npm commands to create build files etc.
  • Android Studio has to be installed and set up then the AVD Manager is run from the Configure menu

Code Examples

  • Code by Fazt Code to display Cryptocurrency data. Includes ternery expression to show price change data in green or red
const CoinItem = ({ coin }) => (
  <View style={styles.containerItem}>
    <View style={styles.coinName}>
      <Image source={{ uri: coin.image }} style={styles.image} />
      <View style={styles.containerNames}>
        <Text style={styles.text}>{}</Text>
        <Text style={styles.textSymbol}>{coin.symbol}</Text>
      <Text style={styles.textPrice}>${coin.current_price}</Text>
          coin.price_change_percentage_24h > 0
            ? styles.priceUp
            : styles.priceDown,


  • Expo bar code used to connect mobile to project. The Expo framework is easy to use.
  • Android Studio simulation on mobile device

Status & To-do list

  • Status: Working
  • To-do: Nothing.