A boilerplate app that shows creating, starting, and managing an IPFS peer using Textile's React Native SDK.

If you are looking for a more advanced example, see our Advanced Boilerplate that contains react-navigation, redux, and sagas together with Textile.

This app demonstrates the bare minimum steps to launch a Textile node to manage an IPFS peer in a mobile app. Those steps are roughly,

  1. Initialize an instance of the Textile class.
  2. Create and start a Textile node.
  3. Use the local Textile API to request data from the peer.
  4. Use events to tell the node about app state changes (background events)

Getting Started

Clone this repo:

git clone [email protected]:textileio/react-native-boilerplate.git
cd react-native-boilerplate

Install dependencies:

yarn link

Launch bundle server

react-native start

Launch ios/android app

react-native run-ios


Should look like this,