☝ React Native modal component to select options from list.



import {
} from 'react-native-modal-select-list';

const App = () => {
  let modalRef;
  const openModal = () =>;
  const saveModalRef = ref => modalRef = ref;
  const onSelectedOption = value => {
    console.log(`You selected: ${value}`);
  return (
      <SafeAreaView style={styles.container}>
        <Button title="Open Modal" onPress={openModal} />
        placeholder={"Text something..."}


Name Type Description
placeholder String Placeholder text that will be displayed in the header text input
closeButtonText String Text for the modal close button
onSelectedOption Function Callback that will receive the option value defined in the option definition object. Will be called when user selects one of the rows.
disableTextSearch Boolean If must not display the header text input
options*** Array[Object] Options is an array with static objects to be displayed in the list. Each option object must have a label (to display in the list), and a value which will be returned to the parent component on selection.
provider Function Provider is a custom function that can be used to fetch any async data. The function can return a promise. The returned value from that function must be in the same format as the options array above.
pageSize Number Number of rows returned by every page request of the provider.
inputName String The key where the value of the header input text will be stored in the filter object that is passed down to the provider function.
filter Object/Function Filter is a object(or function that returns a object) that represents all the conditional values to be used by the provider function when it make the data requests.
headerTintColor String Custom color for header background
buttonTextColor String Custom color for header text labels

Options object format

The options (from the static list or from the resolver returned value) must be an object containing the following key definitions:

Key Type Description
label String Text to be displayed on the row.
value Any The value that will be returned when the user selects the row.

Static options filtering

When provider function is not defined and the component prefers to use the static options array, if the user edit the header input text value it will automatically filter the static options array looking for the input text in the middle of the options label(s) string.


Name Description
show Shows the select list and wait until the onSelectedOption callback is called to close it.
dismiss Manually dismiss the select list.


See the examples/RNModalSelectListPlayground app and play with it.