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React Native Redux Wix Navigation

React Native Redux Wix Navigation


Javascript meets mobile. Use your favourite javascript library to develop android and ios applications. Minimal setup includes styled-components for rapid UI development and react-native-navigation for native like navigation transitions.

Main Dependencies

Code Quality Tools

Data Flow

I included only redux. Most projects will be fine with redux-thunk If you are more advanced developer then you will probably want to install either redux-observables or redux-sagas. redux-observables are the cool thing to use but working with redux-sagas is much easier.




Official installation guide is here.

The rest of the process is not much different than for any other javascript project.

Install node_modules:

$ yarn install

Then link native libraries:

$ react-native link


Run react native server:

$ npm start

Compile mobile application for ios:

$ yarn ios


If any problems occur, compilation is not working, etc, try some of these points:

  • Project clean up: Xcode -> Product -> Clean
  • Run ./repair.sh in root folder
  • Start development server yourself from command line using yarn start. (because of cache)
  • Make sure that your device has access to internet.