React Native renderer for Adaptive Cards.


Getting Started

Basic Usage

  1. Installation
$ npm install git+

or by Yarn

$ yarn add git+
  1. Implementation
  • Import to the component where you want to show an AdaptiveCards
import AdaptiveCard from 'react-native-adaptivecards';
  • Send initial props
    <AdaptiveCard adaptiveCard={} overrideStyle={} />


Prop Required Type Description
adaptiveCard Yes object Json object based on AdaptiveCards schema
style No object Customized styles
config No, default{...} object Customized config
onSubmit No function Submit Action
onOpenUrl No function OpenUrl Action
onCallback No function Callback Action
onFocus No function Focus Action
onBlur No function Blur Action
onError No function Error Action
onInfo No function Info Action
onWarning No function Warning Action


$ cd examples
$ yarn
$ yarn ios