React Native Shopping App UI

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Hi guys ?

In this video tutorial, I am going to implement this awesome Shopping app UI ?. It is a modern UI. It has lots of layout elements to play with and you will learn a lot by implementing this UI in react native. It has grid layouts, a masonry list, a bottom sheet, blurred background, and lots of interesting things. This is a perfect UI for you to practice on.

We will learn how to implement React navigation with TypeScript and nested navigation ?, How to use React Native Reanimated ?, how to add a react-native masonry list view ?️, how to add a grid layout in react native ?, and also a custom theme ?.

I hope you will find this react native shopping UI tutorial video help full and that you learn lots of things from this video.


Please check out Jamez on Twitter. He is the designer of the UI that I’m implementing in react native.


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Thank you ?


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