react-native wrapper for android BottomSheetBehavior, supports FloatingActionButton.

v1.0.0-beta :tada:

This major release v1.0.0-beta supports anchor state :tada:, which means that you can have a middle state between collapsed and expanded.

This version now uses a custom BottomSheetBehavior implementation from miguelhincapie/CustomBottomSheetBehavior which is basically a fork from the original design-support, but with anchor state support and colors management, even though is custom implementation, old version should work as before, and you can also disable the anchor state with anchorEnabled prop which is disabled by default.


The following components are included in this package:

  • CoordinatorLayout
  • BottomSheetBehavior
  • FloatingActionButton
  • MergedAppBarLayout
  • ScrollingAppBarLayout
  • BackdropBottomSheet
  • BottomSheetHeader