React/React Native countdown timer component in a circle shape with color and progress animation.




  • Countdown animation independently optimized for the Web and Mobile
  • Transition between colors during the countdown
  • Fully customizable content in the center of the circle
  • a11y support
  • Built-in and ready-to-use TypeScript type definitions.


yarn add react-countdown-circle-timer

Check out the full documentation for demos and use cases.

React Native

yarn add react-native-countdown-circle-timer

This component has a peer dependency on react-native-svg. Read the full documentation for the installation guide, as well as demos and use cases.

Props for both React/React Native

Prop Name Type Default Description
duration number required Countdown duration in seconds
colors [color HEX: string, transition duration: number 0 ~ 1][] required Array of tuples: 1st param - color in HEX format; 2nd param - time to transition to next color represented as a fraction of the total duration
initialRemainingTime number - Sets the initial remaining time when the countdown starts. By default the countdown starts at the duration provided.
size number 180 Width and height of the SVG element
strokeWidth number 12 Path stroke width
strokeLinecap round | square round Path stroke line cap
trailColor string #d9d9d9 Circle trail color - takes any valid color format (HEX, rgb, rgba, etc.)
rotation clockwise | counterclockwise clockwise Progress path rotation direction
isPlaying boolean false Play and pause animation
* isLinearGradient boolean false * Apples linear gradient on top of the circle. The gradient doesn't follow the circle path. Works best with two colors.
gradientUniqueKey string - Unique ID for the linearGradient element. It takes random ID if it's not provided.
children ReactNode | function({ remainingTime: number, elapsedTime: number }): number|string|ReactNode - Render function or component to customize the time/content in the center of the circle. The content is centered using flexbox.
onComplete function(totalElapsedTime: number): void | [shouldRepeat: boolean, delay: number] - On complete handler. It can be used to repeat the countdown by returning an array where the first element shouldRepeat indicates if the loop should start over and second element delay specifies the delay before looping again in milliseconds. The callback receives as an argument the total elapsed time in seconds.
ariaLabel string Countdown timer Aria label for the whole component
renderAriaTime function({ remainingTime: number, elapsedTime: number }): string - Render prop function to customize the text message that will be read by the screen reader during the countdown.