Contact list

Simple react native app to fetch and list contacts from an API, and show each contact detail in a modal

Can’t wait to test, don’t worry click the see the preview video

Core Techs

How to run

To run this app you must need to install a few apps:

You’ve Probably already installed it

Once you clone the project you must go to the project folder and run

$ npm install --global expo-cli # To Install the Expo CLI
$ yarn # To install the dependencies
$ yarn start # To run the app

Att: You can use the npm instead, is up to you.

You must need to install the Expo Go app, on your device or emulator, when you do it, capture the QRCode provided after you start the app.

This challenge was provide by Coodesh

Made with ❤️ by João Amadeu, feel free to reach me out.


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