React Native Midnight

Simple react native package for listening to date changes.


# with npm
npm install --save react-native-midnight

# with yarn
yarn add react-native-midnight



The addListener function connects a function to a day change notification event.

This function then returns the reference to the listener. You can remove the listener by calling the remove method on it.

import Midnight from 'react-native-midnight'

const App = () => {
  React.useEffect(() => {
    const listener = Midnight.addListener(() => {
      Alert.alert('The day has changed')
    return () => listener.remove()
  }, [])

  return <Text>App</Text>


Convenience hook that calls the passed function when the day changes

useOnDayChange((callback: () => void))

Note: Because useOnDayChange doesn't watch for dependency changes, the listener will be removed and re-added every time this hook is called. Creating your own effect inline with Midnight.addListener might be preferred if this is an issue.