SpeedrunHub is an open source app for IOS/Android platforms made with React Native and Expo. It allows you to consult the speedrun.com page natively on your Android/iOS device.


  • Receieve all Speedrun.com notifications directly to your phone (API-Key is needed)
  • Search for users and watch their PBs
  • Search for game leaderboards
  • Manage your favourite games
  • Feasible features
    • As a moderator verify/reject runs
    • Submit/remove personal runs


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Project Setup

  1. Install Node.js

    # Using Ubuntu
    curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_14.x | sudo -E bash -
    $ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
  2. Install Git

    #Using Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt install git
  3. Install Expo CLI

    # Install the command line tools
    $ sudo npm install --global expo-cli
  4. Clone the repository using Git

    # Navigate to the location in which you would like to store this repository
    # by using the next command "cd <directory>"
    $ cd "Documents\GitHub\SpeedrunHub"

    Note: you can skip the previous step with the next command

    $ git clone <repo-url> <directory>
    # Use this command to clone the repository "git clone <repo-url>"
    $ git clone https://github.com/Asiern/SpeedrunHub.git
  5. Install missing packages

    # Navigate to the "...\SpeedrunHub\Source" folder and run the following command
    $ npm update
  6. Run

    # At "...\SpeedrunHub\Source" run
    $ npm start
    # Expo Metro Bundler should open if all went well


  • IOS version not tested
  • MIUI 12 (Android 11) Dark Theme
  • Runs with multiple runners not displaying properly


  • Themes
  • Animations
  • UI Design
  • Push Notifications
  • Japanese text support
  • Add HTTP request Header User-Agent