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The first declarative React Native router

The first declarative React Native router

React Native Router v4.x

The first declarative React Native router.

Define all your routes in one React component...

const App = () => (
    <Stack key="root">
      <Scene key="login" component={Login} title="Login"/>
      <Scene key="register" component={Register} title="Register"/>
      <Scene key="home" component={Home}/>

...and navigate from scene to scene with a simple, powerful API

// Login.js

// navigate to 'home' as defined in your top-level router

// go back (i.e. pop the current screen off the nav stack)

// refresh the current Scene with the specified props
Actions.refresh({param1: 'hello', param2: 'world'})

Try the example app


# Get the code
git clone https://github.com/aksonov/react-native-router-flux.git
cd react-native-router-flux/Example

# Install dependencies

# Run it
react-native run-ios

v4 Features

  • Based on latest React Navigation API
  • Separate navigation logic from presentation. You may change now navigation state directly from your business logic code - stores/reducers/etc. navigationStore
  • Built-in state machine (v3 Switch replacement)
    • Each Scene with component defined can have onEnter/onExit/on handlers.
    • onEnter/on handler can be async.
    • For 'truthy' return of onEnter/on, success handler (if defined) will be executed
      • if success is a string then router will navigate to the Scene with that key
    • in case of handler's failure, failure prop (if defined) will be run.
    • Combining onEnter, onExit, success, and failure makes patterns like authentication, data validation, and conditional transitions simple and intuitive.
  • MobX-friendly: all scenes are wrapped with observer. You may subscribe to navigationStore (Actions in v3) and observe current navigation state. Not applicable to Redux.
  • Flexible nav bar customization not currently allowed by React Navigation:
  • Drawer support (provided by React Navigation)
  • Inheritance of scene attributes allow you to avoid any code/attribute duplications. Adding rightTitle to a scene will apply to all child scenes. See example app.
  • Access to your app navigations state as simple as Actions.state.
  • Use Actions.currentScene to get name of current scene.