Buttercup Mobile

The mobile application for the Buttercup Credentials Manager.

This repository holds the source for the Buttercup mobile application, which is available for the following platforms:

iOS 10+
Android 6.0+
The mobile application allows for full integration with Buttercup archives stored on a variety of platforms. Like the other applications, this mobile application makes use of AES 256bit encryption with over 200k PBKDF2 password derivation interations.

This project uses React Native to build native iOS and Android applications from a React/JavaScript codebase. The majority of the codebase is JavaScript which utilises the following platforms:

  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • React Native Router Flux

As Buttercup makes use of strong cryptography, certain encryption/decryption tasks are performed using pure native code (Objective-C/Java). Only the bare minimum required for increased performance is handled on the native side, with the rest being solely JavaScript.