Expo Dropdown MultiSelect

A multiselect is a UI component that allows the user to select multiple options from a list of choices. In the context of Expo React Native, a multiselect component can be used to allow the user to select multiple items from a list of options.

How to use

  • You can now import expo-dropdown-multiselect as a normal package installed from npm like so:

import { DropdownMultiselectView } from 'expo-dropdown-multiselect';

Available props

  data: Array<any>;
  displayKey: any;
  displayValue: any;
  selectedItem: Array<any>;
  setSelectedItem: any;
  optionsContainer?: object;
  selectContainer?: object;
  itemContainer?: object;
  loading?: boolean;
  checkIcon?: any;

Example Usage

import { DropdownMultiselectView } from 'expo-dropdown-multiselect';
<View style={{flex:1}}>
          { key: 1, value: 'orange' },
          { key: 2, value: 'apple' },
          { key: 3, value: 'banana' },

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