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A React Native datatable component for dynamically perform actions like display, sorting, select, custom design, delete & touch events.

Why this Module?

Not so much complex & unnecessary thing Exists. All those basics functionality which everyone Needs.
Everything with clear & simple!


Demo Demo Demo Demo


As this module depends on nothing means no dependency require so, just 1 below step require to install it.

npm install react-native-datatable-component


yarn add react-native-datatable-component


import DataTable from 'react-native-datatable-component';

import React from 'react';
import DataTable, { COL_TYPES } from 'react-native-datatable-component';

const SomeComponent = props => {
    return (
                { name: 'Muhammad Rafeh', age: 21, gender: 'male' },
                { name: 'Muhammad Akif', age: 22, gender: 'male' },
                { name: 'Muhammad Umar', age: 21, gender: 'male' },
                { name: 'Amna Shakeel', age: 22, gender: 'female' },
                { name: 'Muhammad Ammar', age: 20, gender: 'male' },
                { name: 'Muhammad Moiz', age: 13, gender: 'male' }
            ]} // list of objects
            colNames={['name', 'age', 'gender']} //List of Strings
            colSettings={[{ name: 'name', type: COL_TYPES.STRING }, { name: 'age', type: COL_TYPES.INT }, {name: 'gender', type: COL_TYPES.STRING}]}//List of Objects
            noOfPages={2} //number
            backgroundColor={'rgba(23,2,4,0.2)'} //Table Background Color

export default SomeComponent;


You can easily control it's width by wrapping it with View

<View style={{width: '80%', alignSelf: 'center'}}> //margin: 20}
  <DataTable {...props} />

//All These Properties Works on DataTable from it's parent View
//width, alignSelf, margin, padding

ScrollView: Want to Scroll Data?

You can scroll datatable Rows by wrapping it with view and with mentioning height

<View style={{margin: 20, height: 300}}> // Give height whatever you want
  <DataTable {...props} />

// If you dont mention height then it will only scroll when data was going off the screen
// But it's recommended to give height!!!


DataTable component accepts following props.

Name Type Default Is Require
data [] of {} - Yes
colNames [] of Strings - Yes
colSettings [] of {} - No
noOfPages Number 2 No
onRowSelect Func - No
backgroundColor string, rgba, hex '#e4edec' No
doSort boolean true No


  import DataTable, {COL_TYPES} from 'react-native-datatable-component';

  // Values

  //Below You will learn how to use constants while doing colSettings.

Props Explanation

Data List of Objects

Data must be List of Objects where each object will represent a Row Object's Key will be the Name of Column & value will be your Data.

  //List of Objects
  [{ nameOfCol: 'Your Data' }, ...]
  //For Example
  data={[ {studentName: 'Akif', age: 19}, {studentName: 'Ammar', age: 20}, ... ]}

In above case studentName & age is Names of Column & Values are data in that Column.

  • Special Objects Key
  1. doHighlight

If you want to highlight Any Row then use this

  {..., doHighlight: 'default'} // To use Component's default Highlight Color
  {..., doHighlight: 'green'} // Any Color Name
  {..., doHighlight: 'rgb(255,233,22)'} // Accepts RGB
  {..., doHighlight: 'rgb(255,233,22, 0.6)'} // Accepts RGBA
  {..., doHighlight: { backgroundColor: 'RGB/HEX/COLOR Name', textColor: 'RGB/HEX/COLOR Name' }} // Pass object if you want to change Text Color.

colNames List of Strings

By Default DataTable shows columns which mentions in colNames & pick up Columns Data/Value from the Data prop.

  //List of Strings
  ['studentName', 'age']
  //Data prop have Object keys same/match the strings Above.  

colSettings List of Objects

Below is the shape of Objects.

//Object Shape
      name: 'name Of Column Here', // String will be the Column Name

noOfPages Number

How Many Pages/Sections You want in DataTable!!!

onRowSelect Function

DataTable passes full row in Object in which colName's value will change according to check press!

import DataTable, {COL_TYPES} from 'react-native-datatable-component';
const SomeCom = () => {

     //You can pass COL_TYPES.CHECK_BOX Column's value in true/false, by default it will be false means checkBox will be uncheck!
     const data = [
           { menu: 'Chicken Biryani', select: false }, //If user select this row then this whole object will return to you with select true in this case
           { menu: 'Chiken koofta', select: true },
           { menu: 'Chicken sharwma', select: false }
     const nameOfCols = ['menu', 'select'];
               onRowSelect={(row) => {console.log('ROW => ',row)}}
               colSettings={[{name: 'select', type: COL_TYPES.CHECK_BOX}]}

export default SomeCom;

In Development

We are developing the rest of Functionality! Soon we made the release!

For Future Issues & Contributions

Any one can Contribute & in case of any issue, open the issue Forum!