This module is used to guide your new comers throughout your app. Easily and Effectively.

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Update to v0.0.8 - Deprecation warning

  • onRequestNext is deprecated. It will be removed in the next update. Be sure to replace it
    by onRequestClose which does the same thing.

How to install

# Install via npm
npm install react-native-tips --save

# Install via yarn
yarn add react-native-tips

How to use it

To use it, just import it directly into your components

import Tips from 'react-native-tips'


The most basic example of this module is to use it like this :

import React from 'react'
import { View, Button } from 'react-native'
import Tips from 'react-native-tips'

const MyButton = (props = {}) => (
      text="This is a tips !"
      <Button title="Hello world !">

export default MyButton


Properties of Tips:

Property Type Requirement Description
children node Optional The Tips children are elements that will be highlighted when the tips will be visible
childrenStyle Object Optional Override the style of the container of the children
content node Optional Use this property if you want to add more than a simple text inside your Tips.
contentStyle Object Optional Override the style of the content of the Modal (used for positioning the highlighted elements and tips)
delay Number Optional (default: 250) Add a delay before showing the Tips
modalStyle Object Optional Override the style of the Modal Component (react-native)
offsetLeft Number Optional Add an offset on the Tips in x axis.
offsetTop Number Optional Add an offset on the Tips in y axis.
onRequestClose function Optional Triggered when the user taps on the screen.
onRequestNext function Deprecated !!! Optional Deprecated !!! Use onRequestClose instead. (See #waterfall-tips for more.)
position enum (top, left, right, bottom or none) Default: top Define the position of your tips related to their children.
style Object Optional Override the style of your tips
text String Optional Text inside the Tips.
textStyle Object Optional Override the style of the text inside the Tips
tooltipContainerStyle Object Optional Override the style of the container of your tips (used for positionning)
visible Boolean Default: false Set the visibility of your Tips
enableChildrenInteraction Boolean Default: false If set to true, interation with children won't close the Tips

Waterfall Tips

You sometimes need to show tips one after another. This module has a helper to execute this scheme. You can use
new Tips.Waterfall() to create a new helper that helps you to show/hide tips in a waterfall manner.

import React, { PureComponent } from 'react'
import { View, Button, Text } from 'react-native'
import Tips from 'react-native-tips'

export default class MyButton extends PureComponent {
  constructor(props) {

    // 1st step - Create your helper with keys that will represent your tips
    this.waterfallTips = new Tips.Waterfall([
      'myTips1', 'myTips2'

    this.state = {
      tipsVisible: null

    // This method will trigger the changement of tips
    this.handleNextTips = this.handleNextTips.bind(this)

  componentDidMount() {
    // the 'start' method will set the first Tips key into your state.
      tipsVisible: this.waterfallTips.start()

  handleNextTips() {
    // the 'next' method will set the next tips key into your state until it has no more keys.

  render() {
    const { tipsVisible } = this.state

    return (
          visible={tipsVisible === 'myTips1'}
          <Button text="My button">

          visible={tipsVisible === 'myTips2'}
          <Text>My text</Text>

Use Tips only one time

In most of the cases, you only want these tips when the user arrives for the first time on your app or when your app has been updated.
It is possible to do this with the Waterfall Tips helper :

  this.waterfallTips = new Tips.Waterfall(
    ['myTips1', 'myTips2'],
      onEnd: async () => {
        await AsyncStorage.setItem('@Tips', true)

  const isWaterfallAlreadyFinished = await AsyncStorage.getItem('@Tips')

  if (isWaterfallAlreadyFinished) {
    this.waterfallTips.options.disabled = true

Options can be instanciated at the constructor or wherever you want.

methods of Tips.Waterfall:

Method Description
new Tips.Waterfall(indexes: Array< String >, options: optionsObject): Tips.Waterfall Instanciate a new waterfallTips helper.
start(): String Start the waterfall and set the first index as the current index.
isVisible(index: String): Boolean Check if the index passed in parameter is the current index.
createIndex(index: String): String Create a new index key.
next(): String Set the next index as the current index. If it was the last key, the value will be null
previous(): String Set the previous index as the current index. If it was the first key, the value will be the first key.

options of Tips.Waterfall:

Name Type Description
onIndexChange Function (index: Boolean) Triggered when the index has changed.
onEnd Function Triggered when all tips have been shown.
disabled Boolean If true, the index will always return null and no Tips will be shown.