Official THORWallet

The official wallet app for the THORChain community. Built with React-Native.

▶️ Usage


To work with React Native, you will need to have an understanding of JavaScript fundamentals.

  • Mac OS
  • Install xcode 9.4+
  • Install node 8.3+
  • Install JDK 8


In case you don't have cocoapods installed, run:

sudo gem install cocoapods

And then run within the project root

yarn && cd ios && pod install

Open xcode and the following file:

Start the iOS app

npx react-native run-ios

or simply press the play button on your xcode project.

? Contributing

Follow style conventions and folder structure. If you want to actively contribute get in touch with [email protected] or [email protected] for being updated on our roadmap and feature list. Any help is more than welcome!

Folder structure

  • assets

    • Any kind of assets (such as svgs , fonts, images, etc.)
    • Lottie animations are supported only if exported as .json files
  • clients

    • Entry point for @thorwallet. Each chain client is exposed as single file in the following format: Yourclient.ts
    • A higher react hook exposes and clusters all clients together through the whole app. The hook is already memoized and reacts on network or seed phrase changes. See hook useChainClient.ts in MultiChainClient.ts
  • components

    • This folder contains any kind of React components in the following format: Yourcomponent.tsx
    • Managers
      • Components which do not render anything (return null) but have some core logic within useEffects()
    • Screens
      • Final screens which get rendered and passed as props to navigators.
  • helpers

    • Utility functions or utility hooks in the following format: your-helper-function.ts
  • navigation

    • Navigation components which render screens and handle navigation logic. Entry point is DrawerNavigator.tsx
  • store

    • Global states shared among the whole app. For each new state instance, create a new folder (YourFolder) and a file in the following format: yourfolder-state.ts
    • Based on the complexity of your state instance, you can either use redux or react-hooks-global-state
  • types

    • Typescript files which declare new types. These types are then imported and used everywhere. Format: your-new-type.ts
  • ui

    • UI components with tho main folders:
      • core
        • Core and fundamental UI components for THORWallet in the following format: YourUIComponent.tsx. This folder contains components such as Button.tsx, Input.tsx, Flex.tsx, Spacer.tsx, Checkbox.tsx . These components are exposed with simple APIs through typed props.
      • theme
        • Core theme for THORWallet. This folder includes files such as colors.ts, fonts.ts, etc.