WhatsApp Clone in React Native

If you are a beginner that wants to learn javascript and React Native, or an advanced javascript developer that wants to get into mobile development using react native then this tutorial is for you. This is a perfect opportunity to follow along and build this application together with us, and add it to your portfolio as it will help you land your next job.

Tech Stack

Mobile: React Native, Expo

Backend: AWS Amplify

Watch the tutorial on YouTube

Let's build WhatsApp with React Native

Project parts

Part Topic Video url Starting Branch Result Branch
#1 UI Watch on YT View branch
#2 Backend Coming Soon

Run the project

  • Clone or download the repo
  • npm i to install dependencies
  • npm start to run teh development server

Run the app on a simulator:

  • Press i to run on iOS Simulator (required macOS and Xcode)
  • Press a to run on Android Emulator (requires Android Studio)

You can also run the app on a physical device. For that, download the Expo Go app (available on appstore and play market) and then scan the QR code from your terminal (press c to display it)


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