Devices screen are small especially when the keyboard takes half the space, when you're working with forms for instance.

One of the best way to handle that is to hide part of the view when the keyboard shows up.

Install it

npm install -S react-native-hide-with-keyboard

Use it

import HideWithKeyboard from 'react-native-hide-with-keyboard';


render() {
  return (
          <Text>Hidden when keyboard is shown</Text>
        <Text>Never hidden</Text>

Show components when keyboard is shown

In the case that you want to do the opposite, there is also ShowWithKeyboard which only shows a component when the keyboard is displayed. To use this, instead importĀ react-native-hide-with-keyboard like so:

import { HideWithKeyboard, ShowWithKeyboard } from 'react-native-hide-with-keyboard';