Youtube Music client for Android, iOS and Web built with React Native.

What works:

  • Displaying home screen
  • Using search
  • Opening Playlists and Artists
  • Playing music from artist and playlist pages
  • Playing music from search results
  • Include song recommendations
  • Retain playlist after selecting a song from artist or playlist pages
  • Links to music streams are deobfuscated (thanks to NewPipeExtractor)
  • Youtube Music API requests are proxied over webpack-dev-server or Nginx using provided config
  • Control playback through notifications
  • Dark mode
  • PWA support with asset caching for offline use
  • Deep linking based on Youtube's URL structure
  • Downloading songs on web and storing them via Indexed DB

Features that are being worked on:

  • Create custom playlists that are kept locally
  • Keep track of songs that have been liked
  • Download songs on Android/iOS for offline playback

How to run:

npm install

denpending on your platform:

npm run ios
npm run android
npm run web

the terminal will either display an URL to follow or additional instructions