This package is a closable modal for react native. This package allows to close the modal by:

  • Tapping outside of it
  • Hitting the back button on android devices


Android iOS
android example ios example


npm install rn-closable-modal

Then what ?

import ClosableModal from "rn-closable-modal"

<ClosableModal show={this.state.showModal}
    <YourModalContentComponent />

What are these props ?

name type required description
show boolean yes true -> shown. false -> hidden.
onClose function no callback called on closing the modal (e.g. to set your state)
onLayoutCallback function(event) no callback called when the layout is ready (might be useful if you wanna know the size of some things before rendering them)
overlayColor string no color of the overlay hiding the screen (rgba(0,0,0,0.5) by default)
isClosable boolean no defines if the modal is closable or not by clicking outside or on back on android (default: true)


An example of implementation is available in this repository