React Native TabBar Navigator (iOS only)

A component which builds excellent Navigator(NavigationController) + TabBar(TabBarController) based application, have a good solution for implementing hidesBottomBarWhenPushed in iOS.



Please don't update to 0.4.0 if you are using previous version of this plugin, because the way to use it is completely different.


0.4.0 Supports React Native 0.40, optimized usages.

0.3.0 Test with several projects, and no obviously bug, so 0.3.0 will be a stable version.

0.2.8 Added a shadow style, make it more native, preview

0.2.7 Remove the hack on last commit, reason

0.2.6 Disabling the wired Y scale when pushing the view, which make it more similar to NavigatorIOS

0.2.4 Fixed a logical bug which caused a re-render issue.

0.2.3 New feature by @aerofs, title component can be customize now.

0.2 Stable Version

0.1 Project First Commit


cd to your React Native project directory and run

npm i --save react-native-tabbar-navigator


import { TabNavigator } from 'react-native-tabbar-navigator';

The basic usages:

function RootView() {
  let navItems = [
      leftItem: {
        component: (<NavItemText/>),
        onPress: (isRoot, pop) => {
            options: ['View Account Info', 'My Orders', 'Sign Out'],
            destructiveButtonIndex: 2
          }, () => {});
      rightItem: {
        component: (<NavItemIcon/>),
        onPress: (isRoot, pop) => {
            options: ['Share', 'Scan QR Code', 'Cancel'],
            destructiveButtonIndex: 2
          }, () => {});
      title: {
        component: (<NavItemSegmentCtrl/>)
      rightItem: {
        component: (<NavItemIconSettings/>),
        onPress: (isRoot, pop) => {
            options: ['Account Settings', 'App Settings', 'Cancel'],
            destructiveButtonIndex: 2
          }, () => {});
  return (
    <TabNavigator tintColor='#FF2D55'>
      <TabNavigator.Item title='Tab One' icon={{uri: tabOneIcon, scale: 3}} navItems={navItems[0]} defaultTab>
      <TabNavigator.Item title='Tab Two' icon={{uri: tabTwoIcon, scale: 3}} navItems={navItems[1]} badge='999+'>


Be sure to know the basic usage of <Navigator/> and <TabBarIOS/>

For this plugin, there are 2 components that you need to know.


Property Description Type Default
navBarTintColor Default font color of navigation bar. string '#FFFFFF'
navTintColor Default background color of navigation bar. string '#FF2D55'
children ONLY accepts <TabNavigator.Item/>s as children components. Array<React.Component> []
...props The other props that passed to this Component is directly passed to the corresponding <Navigator/> and override any default props in this plugin. Be sure to read the source code first, or you should not override the props below: style, initialRoute, renderScene, navigationBar, sceneStyle.


Property Description Type Default
title Title of the corresponding Tab and Navigation Title. You can customize Navigation Title by navItems property. string
defaultTab Set this Item as default selcted tab. bool false
navItems Detailed API below. Array<NavItemConfig> REQUIRED
children ONLY accepts single child element. React.Component REQUIRED
...props The other props that passed to this Component is directly passed to the corresponding <TabBarIOS.Item/>.


Property Description Type Default
leftItem Component settings for TopLeft navigation item. NavigationItem
rightItem Component settings for TopRight navigation item. NavigationItem
title Navigation title for corresponding Tab. string | NavigationItem TabNavigator.Item.props.title


Property Description Type Default Example
component React Component for corresponding position. React.Component null <Text>More</Text>
onPress This function is passed to the component onPress prop, make sure to receive onPress in component and handle it. NavigationItemEvent () => {} (isRoot, pop) => { if (isRoot) pop() }


This is actually a function type. When this function is called, it will pass 3 arguments.

Order Argument Description Type
1 isRoot Is root route or not, if it is root route, you should not call the 2nd popHandler argument. bool
2 popHandler A shortcut to navigator.pop, calling this can pop the current navigator. function
3 navigator The current navigator.

Advanced usage

For more advanced examples, please check out the example app.

How to run the example App?