React Navigation TabBar Collection

License MIT

Collection of Animated 60 FPS TabBar Component’s based on React Navigation.


  • 60 FPS Animated TabBar
  • Beautiful TabBar Component’s
  • Based on React Navigation v5 or higher
  • Easy to use
  • Dark Mode Supported
  • Many Beautiful TabBar’s will be added into the collection in the future


This TabBar Collection based on @react-navigation/bottom-tabs and require React Navigation v5 or higher so first thing first you must install @react-navigation/native and @react-navigation/bottom-tabs in your project.

Please always see the React Navigation documentation for complete installation guide

via NPM
npm install react-navigation-tabbar-collection
via Yarn
yarn add react-navigation-tabbar-collection

TabBar Collection


This TabBar is inspired by Aurélien Salomon works on Dribbble.

import TabBar from 'react-navigation-tabbar-collection/ColorfulTabBar'


This TabBar is inspired by Cuberto works on Dribbble.

import TabBar from 'react-navigation-tabbar-collection/CleanTabBar'


Name Description Required Type Default Supported Component
{...props} Default Bottom Tab React Navigation Props YES All
maxWidth TabBar Content Max Width NO number 600 All
height TabBar Container Height NO number All
darkMode TabBar Style Mode NO boolean false All
colorPalette TabBar Color Palette NO object see down here All
Default colorPalette value

    primary: "#5b37b7",
    secondary: "#6c757d",
    success: "#198754",
    danger: "#c9379d",
    warning: "#e6a919",
    info: "#00bcd4",
    light: "#ffffff",       //Background Color
    dark: "#212529",        //Foreground Color
# Background and Foreground Color are Inverted when the darkMode is `true`

Screen Options

Some of this options are from the default React Navigation options or screenOptions and some are new that can be use to configure the TabBar Item.

Name Description Type
title, label or tabBarLabel Title string of a tab displayed in the tab bar. string
labelStyle or tabBarLabelStyle Style object for the tab label. StyleProp
icon or tabBarIcon A function that given { focused: boolean, color: string } returns a React.Node to display in the tab bar ({focused: boolean, color: string, size: number}) => void
color or tabBarActiveTintColor Color for the icon and label in the active tab. enum options are from the colorPalette primary, secondary, success, danger,warning,info, light, dark. or just a string of hex enum | string
tabBarTestID ID to locate this tab button in tests. string




Built With

  • Animated (React Native)


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