This is a cross-platform picker with search bar for react native support both platform IOs and android.



  1. Easy to use
  2. Cross platform compatibility android and ios both
  3. According to use hide and show search bar and title
  4. Dynamically change dropdown image
  5. Customize font size, font color and style


Step 1 Install

npm i rn-modal-picker

react-native link rn-modal-picker


Prop Default Type Description Required/Optional
dataSource [] array Array of objects with a unique id and name Required
dummyDataSource [] array Search data by name required for data filteration Required
defaultValue false bool Use to show predefined value in to picker Optional
pickerTitle - string Use to show title on picker Optional
showSearchBar false bool Show and hide search bar Optional
showPickerTitle false bool Show and hide picker title Optional
selectedLabel - string Set selected value otherwise its blank Optional
placeHolderText - string Use to Show place holder hint text Required
placeHolderTextStyle - object Customize placeholder text style Optional
selectedLabelTextStyle - object Customize selected label text style Optional
dropDownImageStyle - object Customize drop down style Optional
dropDownImage - png/jpg Add custom drop down image Optional
selectedValue - function callback function received value from list selection Required