A dynamic private todo list app developed using react native. A simple todo list app to help you accomplish your tasks. No more cluttering with time-consuming features. Just add a todo task and click it again to archive.

You can easily see the archived list and can delete all.





This is my first react native and expo based project. So I wanted to develop a simple todo list application with nothing fancy.

But in future I may update it with more feature like authentication, cloud data synching features and more.

Setup in local machine

  1. In your machine, you have to install Node.js, Yarn

  2. On terminal run command yarn install it will check the app's package.json file and install all libraries

  3. yarn start will start expo and you can run in simulator or your device

Publish in Google Play and Apple Store

  1. Change and modify the config/Settings.js

  2. Change and modify the assets/icon.png

  3. Expo Build has detailed description how to build and submit your app.

  4. Android App Signing

  5. Apple app store submission