A multi (or single) select component with support for sub categories, search, chips. It's intended for long-ish lists, as it opens in a Modal (I might make this optional in the future).

This is based on The problems I had were that I needed it to be in a modal, because of nested ScrollViews not working on Android, and I needed to display categories with sub-categories.






NPM Version

npm i -S react-native-sectioned-multi-select

react-native-vector-icons package is required, set it up if you haven't already.

Required props:
items | array
uniqueKey | string
onSelectedItemsChange | function

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import {
} from 'react-native';
import SectionedMultiSelect from 'react-native-sectioned-multi-select';

const items = [
    name: "Fruits",
    id: 0,
    children: [{
        name: "Apple",
        id: 10,
        name: "Strawberry",
        id: 17,
        name: "Pineapple",
        id: 13,
        name: "Banana",
        id: 14,
        name: "Watermelon",
        id: 15,
        name: "Kiwi fruit",
        id: 16,
    name: "Gems",
    id: 1,
    children: [{
        name: "Quartz",
        id: 20,
        name: "Zircon",
        id: 21,
        name: "Sapphire",
        id: 22,
        name: "Topaz",
        id: 23,
    name: "Plants",
    id: 2,
    children: [{
        name: "Mother In Law\'s Tongue",
        id: 30,
        name: "Yucca",
        id: 31,
        name: "Monsteria",
        id: 32,
        name: "Palm",
        id: 33,

export default class App extends Component {
    this.state = {
      selectedItems: [],
  onSelectedItemsChange = (selectedItems) => {
    this.setState({ selectedItems });

  render() {
    return (
          selectText='Choose some things...'


You can programatically remove all items by setting up a ref to the component:

    ref={SectionedMultiSelect => this.SectionedMultiSelect = SectionedMultiSelect}

and then use the _removeAllItems function:

onPress={() => this.SectionedMultiSelect._removeAllItems()}

You can open the modal programatically with the _toggleSelector() method:

onPress={() => this.SectionedMultiSelect._toggleSelector()}


Your items should have a uniqueKey(default: 'id') and a displayKey (default: 'name').
Any child items of that item should be in subKey, and they will have uniqueKey and displayKey properties. As you can see from the example above, my items all have a unique id property and the child items is an array within the subKey property.

Sub categories are optional, there's no need to have subKey items if you don't want to.


Props, there are lots.


Prop Default type Desc
uniqueKey 'id' string the unique key for your items
subKey 'sub' string the array of sub items within items
displayKey 'name' string the key for the display name / title of the item
selectedItems [] array the selected items
onSelectedItemsChange function function that runs when an item is toggled
onSelectedItemObjectsChange function function that returns the selected items as their original objects instead of an array of ids
onCancel function function that runs when the confirm button is pressed
onConfirm function function that runs when the cancel button is pressed


Prop Default type Desc
single false bool allow only one selection
showDropDowns true bool whether to allow dropdown toggles to show/hide the sub items (if false, sub items are always shown)
showChips true bool whether to show the chips of the selected items
hideSelect false bool hide the select component
showCancelButton false bool Show a cancel button next to the confirm button. Dismisses modal and removes all selected items.
readOnlyHeadings false bool whether the parent items can be pressed or not. If true and showDropdowns is true, pressing the parent item will toggle the dropdown
hideSearch false bool hide the search bar entirely
selectChildren false bool if true, selecting a parent item will automatically select its children
highlightChildren false bool if true, selecting a parent item will automatically highlight its children (but the child ids won't be broadcast to the selectedItems state)
showRemoveAll false bool Whether to show a Remove all chip at the beginning of the selected items chips
modalSupportedOrientations ['landscape', 'portrait'] array The supportedOrientations of the Modal
modalAnimationType 'fade' string The animation type of the Modal (fade or slide)


Prop Default type Desc
selectText 'Select' string the text for the select component
confirmText 'Confirm' string the text for the confirm button
selectedText 'selected' string OR function the text that follows the number of items selected
searchPlaceholderText 'Search categories...' string the placeholder text for the search input
removeAllText 'Remove all' string Text for optional remove all button
noResultsComponent <Text>Sorry, no results</Text> object the component to display when the search results are empty
loadingComponent <View style={{marginTop:20, alignItems:'center', justifyContent:'center'}}> <ActivityIndicator/> </View> object the component to display when the items are empty
selectToggleIconComponent Material keyboard-arrow-down object The icon to the right of the dropdown in its initial state )
searchIconComponent Material search object The search input icon (default Magnifying glass)
selectedIconComponent Material check object The icon to the left of the selected item (default Checkmark)
dropDownToggleIconUpComponent Material keyboard-arrow-up object The parent dropdown icon in closed state
dropDownToggleIconDownComponent Material keyboard-arrow-down object The parent dropdown icon in opened state
cancelIconComponent Material cancel object The cancel button's inner component
styles {} object Styles object - see styles section
colors {...} object colors object - see colors section
itemFontFamily Avenir / normal - bold object font family for the parent items. Can be a regular style object
subItemFontFamily Avenir / normal - 200 object font family for the sub items. Can be a regular style object
searchTextFontFamily Avenir / normal - 200 object font family for the search input. Can be a regular style object
confirmFontFamily Avenir / normal - bold object font family for the confirm button.
numberOfLines null number numberOfLines for label text


You can pass a colors object to theme it how you like.

These are the available colors and their defaults:

Name Default Description
primary #3f51b5 used for the dropdown toggle icon, the no results text and the background of the confirm button.
success #4caf50 used for the selected checkmark icon.
cancel #1A1A1A used for the cancel button background
text #2e2e2e Parent item text color
subText #848787 Sub item text color
selectToggleTextColor #333 Select button text color
searchPlaceholderTextColor #999 Search input placeholder text color
searchSelectionColor rgba(0,0,0,0.2) Search input text selection color
itemBackground #fff parent item background color
subItemBackground #ffffff sub item background color
chipColor #848787 chip color
disabled #d7d7d7 Selected icon color for sub items when highlight children is used


You can pass a styles object to style it how you like.

These are the styles you can change: