A Picker component for React Native which emulates the native select interfaces for iOS and Android

For iOS, we are wrapping a TextInput component. You can pass down your custom styling to match your other inputs.

For Android, we are using the native Picker component, but adding a pseudo-underline to emulate a typical TextInput. Additional styling can be passed down also to further customize the appearance.

For either platform, you can alternatively pass down a child element that will be wrapped in a touchable area, triggering the picker.



Getting Started


npm install react-native-picker-select


Component RN
>= 3.0.0 >= 0.55.3
< 3.0.0 < 0.55.3


Name Type Description Required? iOS / Android
onValueChange function Callback which returns value, index Y Both
items array _ The items for the component to render. Each item should be in the following format:
{label: 'Orange',value: 'orange',key: 'orange'}
_ The label and the value are required, but the key will be based upon the label if it isn't included
* The value can be any data type
Y Both
placeholder object _ An override for the default placeholder object with a label of Select an item... and a value of null
_ An empty object can be used if you'd like to disable the placeholder entirely
N Both
disabled boolean Disables interaction with the component N Both
value any Will attempt to locate a matching value from the items array by checking each item's value property. If found, it will update the component to show that item as selected. If the value is not found, it will default to the first item. N Both
style object Style overrides for most parts of the component. More details below. N Both
hideDoneBar boolean Hides the bar with tabbing arrows and Done link to exit the modal. While this is typical on select elements on the web, the interface guidelines does not include it. N iOS
hideIcon boolean Hides the floating downward arrow on the right side of the input box N iOS
onUpArrow / onDownArrow function _ Presence enables the corresponding arrow
_ Closes the picker
* Calls the callback provided


  • iOS
    • The component wraps a TextInput without styling. In the style prop, pass a style object named inputIOS to style the input
    • Alternatively, you can pass children (such as a custom button or input) for the component to wrap
    • Other styles that can be modified for iOS are named viewContainer, icon, done, modalViewTop, modalViewMiddle, modalViewBottom, and placeholderColor
  • Android
    • The default Picker component acts similiarly to a TextInput until it is tapped, although it does not include an underline
    • We emulate a typical underline, which can be modified with a style object named underline
    • The main input can be modified with the style object named inputAndroid
    • Alternatively, you can pass children (such as a custom button or input) for the component to wrap
    • Other styles that can be modified for Android are named viewContainer and placeholderColor


This component has been tested on React Native v0.51 - v0.55

Future Plans

  • [ ] Update Android picker to look closer to platform's <select>