Ignite JHipster

A React Native boilerplate for JHipster apps, complete with authentication, an entity generator, and more.

This module uses Infinite Red's Ignite generator and is based off of ignite-ir-boilerplate-2016.

Getting Started


  • Node v7.6+
    • Verify version with node -v
  • React Native setup
  • ignite-cli installed (>= v2.0.0)
    • Install with npm install -g ignite-cli
    • Verify version with ignite --version
  • Not required, Reactotron makes debugging super simple and comes preconfigured

To generate an app, run the following command:

ignite new SampleApp --boilerplate ignite-jhipster

Answer the prompts (enter the path to your JHipster app and choose any plugins you want) and wait for the project to finish generation.

The generator will create a new directory containing the project. It also sets up the Android and iOS app directories.