React Native: Native Tooltips

This library is a React Native bridge around native tooltips. It allows you to create simple tip views.

Note: Android SDK 27 > is supported

Android: florent37/ViewTooltip
iOS: calm/SexyTooltip

Before we dive into on how to use this library. We would like to thank all the contributor of florent37/ViewTooltip & calm/SexyTooltip libraries for providing such a awesome nice, cool library

Getting started

  • npm install react-native-tooltips --save

  • $ react-native link react-native-tooltips


import RNTooltips from 'react-native-tooltips';

  • React Way
<RNTooltips text={"Long Press Description"} visible={this.state.visible} reference={this.state.reference} />
  • API Way
        text: 'Long Press Description'


Prop Type Default Note
text string Text which needs to be displayed
position: Android number Position of the tooltip view. On iOS it is auto adjustable
align: Android number Alignment of tooltip
autoHide bool Should tip view get auto dismiss
duration number Duration after which tooltip view should be dismissed
clickToHide: iOS bool On click should tooltip view be dismissed
corner number Radius of corner
tintColor string Color of tooltip view background
textColor string Color of text
textSize number Size of text displayed
gravity number Gravity of text
visible bool Should tooltip be displayed
shadow bool Shadow on tooltip view
reference object Reference of react component of which you need tooltip
onHide func Callback function invoked on tooltip hide