Carousel - React Native Library

Created by Shamshad Khan on 20/09/18. Copyright © 2018 Shamshad Khan. All rights reserved.

Provide following properties as props to customise the carousel

  • dataSource' type, -> [{ url, color}]

    • 'url' is web url of image
    • 'color' is hex color code
  • 'onItemPress', method is called when the front item is clicked,
    the clicked item index returned as result.

  • 'style' -> to set carosel height, width etc default is 350, 200 respectively

  • 'itemStyle' -> to set item height, width etc default is 100, 110 respectively

  • 'radius' -> to set rotation radius of carousel, default is 100

This library depeneds on Mathjs. Please use 'npm install mathjs'