DISCLAIMER: This package is in no way related to nor endorsed by Flipboard, Inc. nor This is just a showcase of effect implemented with React Native.

This package allows you to use the cool Flipboard page swipe effect in your React Native apps.



Installation is pretty straight-forward, as you just have to npm install this package:

npm install --save react-native-flip-page

Then, use the module by importing in in your app code.


This package consists of two components. Simply throw a FlipPage component with some FlipPagePage children that will be the content.

    <Text>Page 1</Text>
    <Text>Page 2</Text>
    <Text>Page 3</Text>


There are a few properties that define the behaviour of the component, here they are:

Prop Type Default Role
loopForever bool false Indicates if the component should go back to the first page when reaching last page, and go back to last page after reaching first page.
orientation string vertical Orientation of swipes. vertical or horizontal for respectively up/down swipes and left/right swipes.
onFinish(orientation) function null Function called after the swipe is finished. Only usable if loopForever is false.