A React Native component inspired to Selectize which follows Material Design guidelines.



Working examples are provided within the project. After downloading it, navigate to any subfolder of examples and run either "npm install" or "yarn".


Material design guidelines compliance
Consistent look and feel on iOS and Android
State transitions (normal, focused and errored)
Highly customizable styles and props of inner TextInput component
Pure javascript implementation
Minimal setup (no props required)


The easiest way to install it is via npm. You need to have node.js installed.

npm install react-native-material-selectize --save

Alternatively you can use yarn.

yarn add react-native-material-selectize


name description type default
chipStyle Style of Chip component Style -
chipIconStyle Style of Chip close icon Style -
containerStyle Style of the main container component Style -
listStyle Style of the dropdown list container Style -
listRowStyle Style of each row within the list Style -
itemId Unique identifier for each item object String id
items Array of objects to populate the list More info Array []
selectedItems Array of objects to render chips More info Array []
label Text field label text String -
error Text field error text String -
errorColor Text field color for errored state String rgb(213, 0, 0)
tintColor Text field accent color (focus) String rgb(0, 145, 234)
baseColor Text field base color (blur) String rgba(0, 0, 0, .38)
showItems Define when dropdown items should be seen 'always', 'never', 'onFocus', 'onTyping' 'onFocus'
autoReflow Define whether the typed text reflows More info Boolean true
trimOnSubmit Trim text before creating the Chip Boolean true
renderRow Return the rendered row of the list Function renderRow default
renderChip Return the rendered Chip component Function renderChip default
textInputProps TextInput props More info Object -
middleComponent A custom component to render between the text input and the item list Component -
filterOnKey The key to filter on. If not set, the provided itemId is used String -


In general, this array should be consisting of objects having at least one property [itemId] which value is unique for each object. An example of valid input for itemId = 'id' would be:

  { id: 'john', email: '[email protected]' },
  { id: 'doe', email: '[email protected]' }

An example of invalid input for itemId = 'anotherId' would be:

  { anotherId: '1' },
  { anotherId: '1' },
  { id: '2' }

It is invalid for two reasons: itemId doesn't appear in every object and there are two objects having same itemId.

If you just need to render a single value for each row in the list and for each Chip, 'items' prop can be represented as simple array of strings, but only if each value is unique:

['john', 'doe']


Same format rules of items

renderRow default

(id, onPress, item, style) => (
    style={[styles.listRow, style]}>
    <Text style={{ color: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)' }}>{id}</Text>
param description
id 'itemId' of the row-indexed object contained in 'items', used as 'key'
onPress onPress handler that turns the selected row into a Chip
item row-indexed object contained in 'items'
styles reference to 'listRowStyle' prop

renderChip default

(id, onClose, item, style, iconStyle) => (
param description
id unique key for the Chip, used as 'key'
onClose onClose handler for removing the Chip
item row-indexed object contained in 'items' if the Chip has been created clicking on a row of the list, OR the value of the TextInput otherwise
styles reference to 'chipStyle' prop
iconStyle reference to 'chipIconStyle' prop


Object which contains the props of the inner TextInput component used for filtering the results from the list generated by 'items' prop.
Some props are set internally and cannot be changed.

ignored prop type default
disableFullscreenUI Boolean true
underlineColorAndroid String transparent
value String set internally
selectionColor String 'tintColor' prop

Other props have different default to better cope with the component requirements, but they can be overridden.

different default prop type default
autoCapitalize String none
autoCorrect Boolean false
blurOnSubmit Boolean false

The following handler props are wrapped internally and will be invoked if defined. They are called with different parameters than their original counterparts.

different parameters prop type parameters
onChangeText Function (text) => {}
onSubmitEditing Function (text) => {}
onFocus Function (text) => {}
onBlur Function (text) => {}

The following handler props have a special behavior: returning false they prevent the related event dispatch.

prevent event prop type
onChangeText Function
onSubmitEditing Function


name description returns
focus() Acquire focus -
blur() Release focus -
submit() Transform current text into Chip -
getValue() Get current value of the inner TextInput String
getSelectedItems() Get items transformed into Chips Array
clearSelectedItems() Remove all the Chips -


  • When Selectize is a child of a ScrollView, the ScrollView's
    keyboardShouldPersistTaps prop must be set to either handled or always
    for dropdown completion to work properly.