A react native module to check an app's version on playstore or ios app store. This module can be used to check if your app has a new version on playstore or apple app store. or you can even check what is the latest version of another app on playstore.

Getting started

npm install react-native-appstore-version-checker --save


yarn add react-native-appstore-version-checker

Automatic installation

react-native link react-native-appstore-version-checker

Manual installation


Nothing to be done here ( its pure JS for IOS ;) )


  1. Open up android/app/src/main/java/[...]/
  • Add import com.masteratul.RNAppstoreVersionCheckerPackage; to the imports at the top of the file
  • Add new RNAppstoreVersionCheckerPackage() to the list returned by the getPackages() method
  1. Append the following lines to android/settings.gradle:
   include ':react-native-appstore-version-checker'
   project(':react-native-appstore-version-checker').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir,     '../node_modules/react-native-appstore-version-checker/android')
  1. Insert the following lines inside the dependencies block in android/app/build.gradle:
   compile project(':react-native-appstore-version-checker')


import {getAppstoreAppVersion} from 'react-native-appstore-version-checker';


var getAppstoreAppVersion = require('react-native-appstore-version-checker').getAppstoreAppVersion;

//On Android u can do
getAppstoreAppVersion('com.supercell.clashofclans') //put any apps packageId here
.then((appVersion) => {
  console.log('clashofclans android app version on playstore', appVersion);
.catch((err) => {
  console.log('error occurred', err);

//On IOS u can do
getAppstoreAppVersion('529479190') //put any apps id here
.then((appVersion) => {
  console.log('clash of clans ios app version on appstore', appVersion);
.catch((err) => {
  console.log('error occurred', err);

How To find an appid in IOS or packageId in Android


Finding appid for an ios app

Search for an app on itunes store. Lets take the example of clash of clans.

The area marked on red is the app's appid


Finding packageId for an android app

Search for an app on playstore. Lets take the example of clash of clans.

The area marked on red is the app's packageId

Advanced Options

getAppstoreAppVersion(identifier, options);


  • identifier is the app package id like

  • options contains values which can affect the result obtained from the store

    • jquerySelector [Android] is the dom element identifier (much like jquery selector) for playstore app page. Currently to get the appversion from the page we do load<app package id> and parse $('body > [itemprop="softwareVersion"]') but you can optionally pass in a custom selector if you want. This is useful if dom structure of the app store page changes in the future.

    • typeOfId [iOS] (default is id) It can be either id or bundleId. If the typeOfId is id you need to pass identifier as appid and if typeOfId is bundleId you need to pass bundleIdentifier to identifier. It is basically, the query parameter for${typeOfId}=${identifier}.
      Currently to get the ios version number from app store we hit the url<app id> by default.
      or we can also hit<app bundle id> if we pass typeOfId as bundleId.
      When we hit the above said urls we get json with all the info of the app.

    • country [iOS] (default is us) The two-letter country code for the store you want to search. The search uses the default store front for the specified country.


const storeSpecificId = Platform.OS === 'ios'
    ? '529479190'
    : 'com.supercell.clashofclans'

getAppstoreAppVersion(storeSpecificId, {
    jquerySelector: '[itemprop=\'softwareVersion\']',
    typeOfId: 'id',
    country: 'de'