Simple but strongly structured react native starter template

? Why should i use this?

It helps you to easily start your project. You don't have to make folders from scratch to keep your project in a structured manner.
It has a good structure to let you focus on coding.

:exclamation: Requirements

Yarn, expo and npm should be installed on machine.

:video_game: Usage

It is very easy to start using that template. What you need is

  • Clone this repo:
  git clone
  • Change directory to that project:
cd React-Native-Starter-Template
  • Install packages and start project:
yarn install && yarn start

⚙ Project Structure

? assets -> It has icons, images and fonts.

? constants -> It access to icons, images and fonts with javascript. Also theme variables, COLORS, SIZES, FONTS included. You can use them with importing the constants folder.

? components -> It has components defined by user. Each component has an index file and has specific components for that component leverages styled-components.

? screens -> It has screens used in app. Screens make use of ? components folder.

? navigation -> This folder includes the tabs inside the app. Each tab make use of a screen. So that folder make use of ? screens folder.

? App.js -> It includes the whole tabs app has.

❓ What should be add to template?

Well, animation while switching between tabs should be add. One can use materialBottomTabNavigator with just changing the line 24 in navigation\tabs.js and can have the animation effect, yet there isn't any animation for default case.

? Screenshots





I have used this resource while making that project.