A simple and customisable React Native component that allows you to add fade effect in ScrollView at both ends.

Vertical Scroll Horizontal Scroll
rn-faded-scrollviewv rn-faded-scrollview


This library relies on react-native-linear-gradient. Follow setup instructions of linear gradient.

And now finally run in your project directory.

npm install rn-faded-scrollview


yarn add rn-faded-scrollview


This library accepts all the props of ScrollView and some additional props.


Name Description Default Type
allowStartFade Add fade at the start of ScrollView false Boolean
allowEndFade Add fade at the end of ScrollView true Boolean
fadeSize Fade size i.e( width incase of horizontal and height incase of vertical ScrollView) 20 Number
fadeColors Colors for fade effect ['rgba(229, 229, 229, 0.18)', 'rgba(206, 201, 201, 0.6)', 'rgba(206, 201, 201, 0.9)'] Array
scrollThreshold Threshold to control fade hide/show when it reaches start or end 10 Number
allowDivider Allow divider at fade end. false Boolean.
isRtl For RTL Layouts false Boolean.


Name Callback param Description
isCloseToEnd Boolean if scroll is close to end or not.
isCloseToStart Boolean if scroll is close to start or not.